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Villages at Parkside

Warren Ave and Conner
Detroit, MI



May 2024 Engagement

Answers to questions, resident questions received in May

Invitation to May 29, 2024 community engagement event


RAD Kickoff Meetings

Two community-wide meetings were held at the Parkside community center and over Zoom on April 3, 2024 and April 17, 2024. Below is the video that was played at both events. Here are links to the files associated with these two meetings:


Video: Proposed RAD Conversion and Resident Rights


Parkside Redevelopment Presentation - Dec 8, 2022 Zoom Meeting Recording:

Passcode: k+X62E^b


12/6 update: Top 3 Submissions

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, the Parkside RFQ review committee (a mix of DHC staff and Parkside residents) voted to invite three of the seven respondents to present their vision for Parkside. All three binders are available in the lobby of the Parkside community building for you to review. You may also use the links below.


12/6 update: Submit Your Questions/Comments!

The top three Developers will give presentations on Thursday, December 8, 2022 at 9:00am on Zoom. We would like you to ask questions of the developers, and to provide comments to help the review committee make a final decision. 

Questions/comments received before Thursday, December 8 at 9am will be shared with developers at that morning's presentation. All questions/comments received before Friday, December 9 at 1pm (when the committee will hold its final vote to select a developer) will be shared with the review committee.

You have the following opportunities to participate:

1. Before the presentations

a. In person: You may submit questions and comments at the dropbox available in the lobby of the Parkside community building.

b. Online: Submit questions/comments at


2. During the presentations

On Zoom: Residents will be able to submit questions to a moderator, who will ask those questions to the developers

Zoom URL:

Please enter passcode 300311 when prompted

Meeting ID: 843 3866 2013

You may also dial in using one of these numbers: 312-626-6799 or 305-224-1968

Additional numbers can be found here:

3. After the presentation

a. In person: You may submit questions and comments at the dropbox available in the lobby of the Parkside community building.

b. Online: Submit questions/comments at


Parkside RFQ Overview

On Wednesday, October 26, 2022, DHC released a Request for Qualifications ("RFQ") to identify a developer to redevelop Parkside. Ahead of releasing the RFQ, DHC held a resident engagement event on Saturday, October 15, 2022 to answer two guiding questions: what qualities are residents looking for in a developer, and what benefits or commitments should the developer promise to provide? The event included opening remarks, two Q&A sessions, and a series of activities to generate, evaluate, and prioritize ideas in response to those questions. DHC distributed two flyers to residents in advance of the event. The event had eleven participants, ten of whom were residents. Attendees generated several excellent ideas, all of which will be documented in the RFQ. Residents made it especially clear that continuous and accessible communication is key to building and maintaining a trust-filled relationship with the selected developer.

October 21 marked the conclusion of voting for resident representatives to serve on the RFQ review committee. Ballots were included along with the first flyer that DHC had delivered to residents. Originally, voting had been scheduled to conclude at the October 15 event, but DHC extended voting by a few additional days, and residents were notified of this change. A ballot box was made available in the community center/management office. A third flyer was distributed to remind residents to vote, and to invite them to watch the ballot-counting on October 21 at 3:00pm; one resident attended. Eight votes were cast, with three of the ten candidates receiving votes. 

The official copy of the RFQ has been posted on MITN/BidNet Direct, the procurement portal that DHC uses to distribute solicitations. A printed copy of the RFQ will also be available in the Friends of Parkside office and in the management office at 5000 Conner.



10/05/2022 - Flyer 1 and Ballot

10/12/2022 - Flyer 2

10/15/2022 - Resident Engagement Results

10/19/2022 - Flyer 3 

10/26/2022 - Final RFQ

11/29/2022 - Flyer 4 (please note the event was since rescheduled; see flyer 7)

12/2/2022 - Flyer 5/6 (please note the event was since rescheduled; see flyer 7)

12/6/2022 - Flyer 7

12/20/2022 - Flyer 8

05/02/2023 - Flyer 9

RFQ Timeline:

  •  Wednesday, October 26, 2022: RFQ released. In lieu of a pre-bid conference, DHC will post an overview presentation on MITN/BidNet Direct.8

  •  Wednesday, November 2, 2022, 2:00 p.m.: Guided site visit (not mandatory) – meet at the community center/management office building at 5000 Conner, Detroit, MI 48213. Enter through Frankfort St.

  •  Friday, November 4, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.: Deadline to submit written questions

  •  Tuesday, November 8, 2022: DHC to upload responses to questions

  •  Monday, November 28, 2022, at 2:30 p.m.: Responses/submissions due

  •  No later than Friday, December 2, 2022: Top 3 developers notified and invited to an in-person presentation and question-and-answer (Q&A) event at Parkside

  •  Thursday, December 8, 2022: Zoom presentation and Q&A with residents (please see Zoom information above on this page)

  •  No later than Friday, December 9, 2022: Winning respondent selected and notified of DHC’s intent to seek DHC Board approval to begin negotiating a Development Agreement contract

  •  Friday, December 16: The winning respondent is notified of the DHC Board’s approval to begin negotiating a Development Agreement contract with DHC