DHC Housing Specialist Assignment

Housing Staff Case Assignment Phone EMail Supervisor Supervisor EMail
Calloway, Pam A-Aj, B-Bar, Lo, He, E-Es, Ga, We, F-Fi, S-Sc 313-877-8685 callowayp$at%dhcmi.org Marvin Cameron cameronm$at%dhcmi.org
Marshall, Kim Gb-Gz, J 313-877-8811 marshallk$at%dhcmi.org Marvin Cameron cameronm$at%dhcmi.org
Cosby, Sheena Ak-Az, O, P, Q, Di-Dz 313-877-7989 cosbys$at%dhcmi.org Marvin Cameron cameronm$at%dhcmi.org
Koszegi, Barbara Sd-Sz, K, I, X 313-877-8697 koszegib$at%dhcmi.org Kim Bowman bowmank$at%dhcmi.org
Loyd, Erika La-Ln, Lp-Lz, C 313-877-8806 loyde$at%dhcmi.org Marvin Cameron cameronm$at%dhcmi.org
Morris, Kimmaly Bas-Bz, V, Y 313-259-0705 morrisk$at%dhcmi.org Kim Bowman bowmamk$at%dhcmi.org
Munoz, Nelva D-Dh, Ha-Hd, Hf-Hz, U, Z 313-877-7987 munozn$at%dhcmi.org Kim Bowman bowmank$at%dhcmi.org
Zreigat, Faten Fj-Fz, M 313-259-0702 zreigatf$at%dhcmi.org Marvin Cameron cameronm$at%dhcmi.org
Terrell, Nicole N, Wa-Wd, Wf-Wz 313-877-8264 terrelln$at%dhcmi.org Kim Bowman bowmank$at%dhcmi.org
Fischer, Tiffany Et-Ez, R, T 313-877-8722 fischert$at%dhcmi.org Marvin Cameron cameronm$at%dhcmi.org
Jenkins, Georgia Mod Rehab & Special Programs, FUP & Portability 313-877-8693 jenkinsg$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Lewis, Lynette HCV/FSS Coordinator (N-Z) 313-877-7988 lewisl$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Williams, Michael HCV/FSS Coordinator (A-F) 313-877-8638 williamsm$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Cade, Juanita HCV/FSS Coordinator (G-M) 313-877-8695 cadej$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Anderson, Janice Voucher Briefings, Eligibility 313-877-8726 andersonj$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Echevarria, Veronica HAP Contract Processing 313-877-8645 echevarriav$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Berry, Robin HAP Contract Processing 313-877-8724 berryr$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Valentino, Cheryl Voucher Briefings, Eligibility Processing 313-877-7864 valentinoc$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Card, Tarina Annual Inspections & Abatements Fraud/Repayment 313-877-8720 cardt$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Womack, Phyllis Owner & Mgmt Changes, Direct Deposit, 1099s 313-877-8132 womackp$at%dhcmi.org Joy Flood floodj$at%dhcmi.org
Cummings, Rosa RFTA review, Reception 313-877-8614 cummingsr$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Fields, Stephanie Reception Eligibility, RFTA fieldss$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Hightower, Joanne Property Listings & Inspection Results 313-877-7865 hightowerj$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Cole, Tanika Reception Eligibility, RFTA 313-877-8748 colet$at%dhcmi.org Kimberly Hicks hicksk$at%dhcmi.org
Bryant, Joy Reception, Eligibility, RFTA 313-877-8169 bryantj$at%dhcmi.org
Flood, Joy Director, Housing Choice Voucher 313-877-8730 floodj$at%dhcmi.org
Burris, Felicia HCV Manager - Waitlist, Leasing Insp. 313-877-8660 burrisf$at%dhcmi.org
Bowman, Kim Supervisor - Annuals & Interims 313-877-8817 bowmank$at%dhcmi.org
Cameron, Marvin Supervisor - Annuals & Interims, Hearing 313-877-8728 cameronm$at%dhcmi.org
Hicks, Kimberly Owner Liaison - Reception, RFTA, Portal 313-877-8813 hicksk$at%dhcmi.org

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Administrative Office

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm

1301 East Jefferson
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313-877-8151 Fax
TYY/TDD 800-222-3679

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Assisted Housing (Section 8) Customer Service Center
Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8:30am to 3:00pm

2211 Orleans
Detroit, Michigan 48207

313-393-3229 Fax
TYY/TDD 800-222-3679

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